Spanbilt Instructional Video Series

Garden sheds are a popular and often very necessary addition to the family home. Spanbilt needed to show their customers how easy their sheds were to build. They asked us …


Dislocated hips in Cats

I have a deep love of animals and we have two house pets, a cat and a dog. The cat; Medo is officially my daughters cat, but as far as …


Lady Musgrave Island

2 day trip to Lady Musgrave Island. Testing an underwater housing and lighting system I had built specifically for the Sony MC1 camera.  


Engineering Procedure Training Video

Detailed engineering procedure training video produced for a mining supplier. This will be used in a unique delivery system allowing users the ability to watch and follow training videos in …

Roaring Horse Tie Back Surgery

Roaring Horse, Tie Back Surgery from Hugh Scarlett on Vimeo. Video of the Equine Arytenoid Cartilage pull back procedure used to overcome Laryngeal Paralysis. It is a condition referred to …


The Verge Trailer

I have been Camera Operator for all 10 episodes of ‘The Verge’. On the last 4 episodes I was also Steadicam Operator. This is the Trailer for first 5 episodes.

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